AfriPak Call Service

Fone Concepts AfriPak call service promotes choice, customization, and feature-rich variable stage dialing communication concept. It provides a great way to save money by offering you the freedom to also customize your account for the African destinations/countries to call with the service at cheaper calling rates all year round. 

Service Price

Start an account with $18 via credit card or paypal payment, then REDEEM eVOUCHER we will send to you after each successful auto-fill payment for FREE credit to use for mobile topup or overage calls.
Afterwards pay your $18 recurring subscription price via auto-pay for customized talk-time minutes each time your balance is low. No monthly auto-pay.
Visit our Rates page for standard pin-less calling rates. Your custom AfriPak calls are billed at 10% discount off for longer talk-time.

How it works

Simply subscribe for service, login to your account and visit your account dashboard customize menu to specify your favorite African destination choice(s) to use your custom credit to call. Then call any of our access numbers to start calling using the service for deeper savings as a pinless two-stage dialing calling plan or use hotpass number for direct single dial. Visit our FAQs page for more information.

Features and Benefit Includes:

  • Free account credit upon service activation.
  • Choice of one favorite African destination/country for customized talk-time minutes and deeper savings.
  • Roll-over your customized minutes for up to one year from your sign up date before a yearly roll-over reset.
  • Free and easy access to our Mobile Topup service using your VoIP account credentials.
  • Recurring customizable minutes at discounted rates to call your selected favorite African destinations; both fixed and mobile.
  • No gimmicks, no hidden fees customizable monthly roll-over minutes service.
  • Call minutes after your subscribed monthly minutes will be charged at our low standard calling rates.
  • Choice to use our mobile app for one-tap dialing to your global call destinations.
  • Choice to use as a variable-stage dialing service; hotpass direct single-dialing and/or pinless two-stage dialing.
  • Optional speed dial setting capability.
  • Convenient user-friendly portal for online account self service, management and reporting.
  • Easy registration of your phone numbers from your online account.
  • Recharge online to buy more credit when needed.
  • One minute rounding.
  • See more features and benefits at our Features page.

Service Terms, Conditions and Policy

Usage of any of our service implies you have agreed to oblige and abide by our Terms and Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy.