Fone Me Service

Fone Concepts fone me inbound service promotes virtual number communications concepts and it provides a great way for you to easily establish foreign presence for easy accessibility from family, friends, partners and loved-ones across the globe, right from the convenience of your location while saving calling cost. Its a win-win service for you both ways; your contact fone you using local number (the foreign number you order with your service purchase) while you receive the unlimited calls globally wherever you are!

Service Price

Start an account with $5 payment for your virtual number provisioning and set-up cost, then REDEEM eVOUCHER we will send to you for FREE $5 account credit.
After the first month, monthly subscription price for virtual inbound call forwarding service is $5 per month for U.S and Canada numbers (virtual number cost included). World-wide received calls are billed at our cheap pay-as-you-go rates.
Order your choice of local (U.S./Canada) or foreign number directly from your account to start receiving inbound call at low rates globally.
Afterwards, pay your applicable recurring monthly service price via auto-pay. Cost of number purchase already included in price.

How it works

Simply subscribe for service, log in to your account and register your telephone number to receive calls. In your account dashboard, order your foreign virtual number from the country you want for virtual presence, we provision for you the virtual number in your desired country of virtual presence among our in-service countries, and then start saving money by giving your business partners, customers, and friends the provisioned number for them to make calls to you as needed. It's that simple!

Features and Benefit Includes:

  • Free account credit upon service activation.
  • One account with free access to multiple services, including our Mobile Topup service.
  • Access to more than 50 countries globally.
  • No gimmicks, no hidden fees. Only six months minimum contract for purchased foreign number.
  • Convenient online account self service, management and reporting.
  • Monthly cost per number.
  • Easy monthly automatic recurring billing.
  • See more features and benefits at our Features page.

Service Terms, Conditions and Policy

Usage of any of our service implies you have agreed to oblige and abide by our Terms and Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy.

Current In-Service Countries (i.e. countries you can sign up for virtual number and receive calls from)

1 United States
2 Canada
3 Mexico
4 Argentina
5 Australia
6 Austria
7 Bahrain
8 Belgium
9 Brazil
10 Bulgaria
11 Chile
12 Croatia
13 Cyprus
14 Czech Republic
15 Denmark
16 Dominican Republic
17 El Salvador
18 Estonia
19 Finland
20 France
21 Georgia
22 Germany
23 Greece
24 Hong Kong
25 Hungary
26 Ireland
27 Israel
28 Italy
29 Japan
30 Latvia
31 Lithuania
32 Luxembourg
33 Malta
34 Netherlands
35 New Zealand
36 Norway
37 Panama
38 Peru
39 Poland
40 Portugal
41 Puerto Rico
42 Romania
43 Singapore
44 Slovakia
45 Slovenia
46 South Africa
47 Spain
48 Sweden
49 Switzerland
50 Turkey
51 United kingdom