Soft Fax Service

Fone Concepts soft fax service provides a great way for individuals, businesses and institutions to save money on domestic and international fax needs; receiving your fax as quality soft email via an ordered number of your choice. Say goodbye to buying and lifting bulky fax machines. Stop spending money on expensive toners. Say welcome to in-expensive yet high quality soft fax; reading your fax at your convenience from any location where you have internet access to your email! Service numbers currently available in 40 countries around the world. 

Service Price

Start an account with $10 payment for your soft fax number provisioning, set-up and fax reception cost, then REDEEM eVOUCHER we will send to you for additional $5 account credit.
After the first month, monthly subscription price for receiving unlimited fax-to-email is $10 per month for U.S and Canada soft fax numbers (fax number cost included). Send fax from your logged in account based on subscription plan of your choice.
Order your choice of fax number directly from your account to start receiving your fax directly in your email.
Afterwards, pay your applicable recurring monthly service price via auto-pay.
Select a plan in your account for sending fax online anytime, anywhere.

How it works

Simply subscribe for service, log in to your soft fax account and order the number of your choice. Start using your ordered number to receive fax messages in your email address any where at your convenience.
You can also use your softfax account to make cheap calls globally at our low standard rates as well as top up mobile phone around the world. Just ensure you recharge your account on a pay-as-you-go basis to have enough call credit. Visit our FAQs page for more information.

Features and Benefit Includes:

  • Free account credit upon service activation.
  • Easy access to recharge account and make cheap calls to global destinations using your soft fax account credentials.
  • One account with free access to multiple services, including our Mobile Topup service.
  • Receive unlimited fax-to-email for a low monthly price. Also pick a plan to send fax online anytime, anywhere from your account.
  • Purchase soft fax number in at least 40 countries around the world.
  • No gimmicks, no hidden fees, only six months service contract is required. Go month-to-month afterwards.
  • Save money on bulky machines and expensive toners and grow your business instead with the freedom of unleasing your fax to your email anywhere around the world.
  • Convenient user-friendly portal for soft fax number ordering and online account self service, management and reporting.
  • See more features and benefits at our Features page.

Service Terms, Conditions and Policy

Usage of any of our service implies you have agreed to oblige and abide by our Terms and Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy.

Service Countries (i.e. countries you can sign up for soft fax number to receive fax-to-email)

Click here for the list of in-service Soft Fax countries.